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Katia’s art is somewhat different from the rest as it tends to be more visionary in subject matter, rather than in form. A bit difficult to describe, but her works are more traditional in methods while still grasping the psychedelic mindset. Particularly beautiful is her understanding of light.” - Joshua Smythe, Dance Music North West


Katia’s paintings explore transcendental states of consciousness. Though the ‘unseen’ is notoriously difficult to convey, her art offers a philosophical viewpoint which feels unreal, yet strangely familiar.

Katia has developed a contemporary, visual language which draws upon romanticism and psychedelia. Her plays of light, surrealism, realism and abstraction offer different perspectives into the phenomenas of mysticism, madness and medication.

After lifelong esoteric and shamanic practices, Katia became compelled to visually map the relationships between ethereal, esoteric, emotional and physical realms.  The result is a meditation upon the places where the personal merges with the mythic, where humans reveal their divinity and where the Divine reflects within humanity.

“Visions arise within trance and yearn to take form.  At times, I simply illustrate a vision rather like making a postcard of a journey. At other times, a glimpse fascinates me and keeps repeating in my minds eye. These tend to be my teachers. They tease and only reveal themselves piece by piece while being painted.” – Katia Honour



Katia lives as a nomadic ‘mystic without a monastery’ devoted to art as a bhakti & karma practice. She is the founder and benefactor of “Ecstatic Arts” non-profit social enterprise fostering conscious communities, such as establishing spiritual & creative villages at music & arts festivals, chanting circles and hosting master-artists in Melbourne and Bali through her “Visionary Art Atelier” (visionaryart.com.au).

Training:  Currently completing a Masters of Fine Art, she is apprenticed to Wolfgang Widmoser and follows the transmissions of technique he received from Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali. As an alchemic labour of love, she paints the play of light upon forms through many layers of tempera and glaze.

Presentations & Seminars:  Katia regularly teaches in Bali, Malaney and Melbourne through her Visionary Art Atelier, bookings available online

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