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Devotion low res 640


36″ × 40″ 2012
Silver, Oil & Tempera on Canvas
Original purchased by Lift Gallery

A contemplation on whether we have a natural right to feel an omni-present Divine (Egyptian relief depicting an interactive solar deity), or if the path to is attained through humility and longing (symbolised by the sufi begging bowl).

How long will you keep pounding on an open door. Begging for someone to open it? (Rabia al-Adawiyyah)

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Dance of Creation

Dance of Ceation named 2048

Tempera, Varnish & Oil on Canvas

The creation of a world of Beauty & Illusion from the Cosmic Chaos as the Divine Feminine animates the DNA vine/chain.

Painted as a study of Mischtechnik under tutelage with Kuba Fiedorwicz, Laurence Caruana and Amanda Sage.

Original 50cm x 60cm $1,250

Prints available for sale

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart 15 - named


Oil in Canvas – 70cm x 100cm
Original sold, prints available

If in a moment, we could free ourselves from judgements and expectations while a partner, friend or brother showed the true nature of their heart, just maybe the Divine we seek from so many religions, paths and doctrines will stand in flesh before us.

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Misch technik oil and tempera on canvas
70cm x 100cm

Temperance represents an alchemic process of balancing forces at our hearts. It brings the ‘dawn’ by taking the required time, care and focus to harmonize the Sun (solar consciousness of love, empathy & selfless devotion) with the Moon (unconscious turning spiritual concepts into action upon the Earth).

I feel it as a reminder to walk with Grace, acknowledging the similarity of patterns resonating on all levels; Divine, universal, personal and atomic. This tarot card traditionally depicts St Michael or an angel, but I wish to reflect upon our own Divine angelic natures when we harmonizes our psychic and material natures.

On a technical level, this is my learning piece for ‘misch technik’ – a most mind-bendingly complex method and a real alchemic journey into balance & patience! Deepest gratitude to my teachers, Daniel Mirante and Basia Wiacek, who were the embodiment of inspiration!

Original for sale – $1, 150

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yemanja named low res


Oil on Canvas – $3,200
100 × 140cm

Oceanic Goddess portrayed across cultures.

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Pleiades named fb faded


A reflection on the majesty, imagination and humility of my mentor in art and philosophy, Wolfgang Widmoser.

Oil on Canvas – 60cm x 80cm

Original available for sale – $2,950

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Magdalene watermarked

The intriguing Mary Magdalene, shamed as a sinner and prostitute, yet potentially holding a significant role as a female in early Christianity, hence painted in an ‘iconic’ style.

Oil on linen board, 2012
Original 30×40 cm SOLD

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Kundalini very low res named

Tender awakening if feminine shakti amid protection.

Oil & Tempera on Canvas, 100cm x 100cm

Original in the collection of Daniel Brooker

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About Katia Honour …


Katia Honour - Profile Picture


After lifelong esoteric and shamanic practices, Katia became compelled to map the symbiotic relationships between ethereal, esoteric, emotional and physical realms. Her oil paintings explore the interplay of the Divine and humanity through sensual light, mythic reference and fantastic realism.  Primarily an ‘entheo’ artist, she invites ethereal consciousness into form and refers earthly minds to their innate divinity.


Currently completing a Masters of Fine Art, she is apprenticed to Wolfgang Widmoser and follows the transmissions of technique he received from Ernst Fuchs and Salvador Dali.


Living as a nomadic  ‘mystic without a monastery’, she is devoted to art as a bhakti & karma yoga practise and the fostering of non-profit conscious, co-creative communities, including Visionary Art Ateliers in Melbourne and Bali (