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Tara Original high res named

Dreaming the Light into reality. Inspired by the Goddesses Tara, Mary, Isis and Kwan Yin who share the qualities of compassion.

Oil on Canvas, 2013
70cm x 100cm, $1,270

Angel’s Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet named

50x60cm Oil on Canvas

One of a series of study pieces in collaboration with Wolfgang Widmoser.

Original sold to Star & Snake Art Gallery, New Hampshire, US


ganesh small named

Silver Leaf, Oil & Tempera on canvas
100cm x 140cm

Commenced in a Shivite ashram, this was painted while undertaking bhakti yoga, mantra and puja to Ganesh … this artwork is the remnant of a months Sadhana practice for wisdom and the clearing of obstacles.

Original available – AUS $1,850

The Choice

The Choice named

Oil on Canvas (60×80cm)

Painted in a fervent few days with feeling deeply for a friend with an addiction that cost him greatly. Based upon the Devil tarot card, where attachments and deceit cloud the heart, I was pondering his freedom of choice to fall into cycles of self-sabotage, and his freedom to choose to rise above it.

Available for sale $950


Saraswati Final

Saraswati low resGoddess of Art, Literature and Music… a divine muse who brings peace and inspiration when meditated upon.

60cm x 80cm
Oil on silver leaf and canvas
Original available: US $900

Venus Conjunct Mars

The passionate strength of Mars influenced by Venusian contemplation of beauty.

Oil on Canvas, 2014
100cm x 120cm

Available for Sale $1,200

Venus Conjunct Mars named