From Mystic to Painter

Devotion low res 640

Katia’s art is born from a near death accident which her lead into her into the worlds of art therapy and psychedelic psychiatry.


A German-Irish hybrid born in Melbourne, Australia, Katia was raised amongst Catholic missionaries, priests and monks while her mother worked in monasteries and grandmother hosted prayer evenings and holy pilgrimages. By 14, she adopted Tarot cards and her school art folio was her own deck made using traditional bitumen and metal plate etchings.

Her career path wavered between social worker for human rights, primarily people with psychiatric conditions and being a travelling mystic, tarot reader, ashramite as she trained extensively across Europe and Asia within Spiritualism,  Alchemy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Chaos Magick and Shamanism. An admirer of art and music, painting was something she did not pursue after secondary school.

“The journey of art began as meditation and re-integration for a wounded mind and body….  but I soon fell in love the disciplines of devotional painting.”

Painting gave her focus for mystic practices such as soul retrieval, self-resurrection, transformation and integration. Initially, illustrating deities for meditation and altar pieces, then, sigils as artistically energized prayers.  Entering a light trance, she applies automatic writing and scrying techniques to explore, observe and navigate altered states of reality. The results is an invitation for others to explore their own relationships to Divinity.

“Nearly dying is a strange gift… it shows how precious and filled with potential each breath of our life time is. I’m devoting mine to charting transcendental states with beauty, because the state of ecstatic bhakti is a great way to spend my days.”