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“Visionary Art, Entheogens and Spiritual Development” solo presentation & ”Entheogens and Integration” Panel —  Breaking Conventions: International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, University of Greenwich, London

“Ritual Art” — 19th Annual Old Masters, New Visions Mischtechnik Seminar, Austria

“Integrating Entheogens” Panel @ Somara: Shamanic Medicine Forum, Byron Bay

Live Painting at Stacks on Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival & Earth Frequency Festival.



“Visionary Art” Panel @ Rainbow Serpent Presentation close up

Facilitator:  Tiago Pieres, Shaman  Synopsis: How important are psychedelics within Visionary Art and how are the visions received, experienced and shared?  Panelists: Adam Scott Miller, Amanda Sage, Anderson Debernardi, Bonny Hut, Bryan Itch, Emma Watkinson & Katia Honour.

“Ayahuasca Beyond the Amazon” @ Psychedelic Symposium, Entheogenesis Australis, RMIT University, Melbourne

Facilitator:  Steve McDonald, Co-Founder PRISM Panelists: Bia Labate – Anthropologist, Author, Keynote SpeakerRak Razam – Author, Experiential Journalist, EditorAlex Gearin – AnthropologistMudge – PhD Candidate, Flinders University. Founder “Peace Not War” record label and Katia Honour – Visionary Artist 

“Entheo Art” Presentation @ Rainbow Serpent Festival

Synopsis: Ritual Intention and Integration through Creativity”

Rainbow Panel2013   “Art as Ritual” Seven Sisters Festival, Victoria Rainbow Panel

2012   “Visionary Art” Panel @ Rainbow Serpent Festival with Android Jones, Harland O’Neal, Daniel Mirante, Kuba Fiedorowicz and Bonny Hut (