Master’s Thesis

Currently completing Masters of Fine Art Thesis:

Angel's Trumpet named

Mysticism, Madness and Medicine: Representing altered states of consciousness as an oscillation between mystical, psychological and psychedelic perspectives”
Katia invites a fusion of ideologies to encourage viewers to find their own individual relationships with their innate divinity. Describing “Divine Madness” through imagery, she opens a more expanded experience than literal descriptions  can evoke. Katia researches and develops aesthetic ideals of awe, beauty and natural supernaturalism to offer an amplified aesthetic experience. Katia’s paintings fall within the entheogenic branch of the visionary art movement and part of the festival culture which is taking up the challenge of seeking the unknowable by blending spirituality and psychedelics.

Psychedelic, romantic and abstract styles combine to offer a new language for entheogenic ‘reality’.  Her research includes revising the old masters  “mischtechnik” painting method to maintain iconic luminosity while including modern products and technology.