Past Events




Artists Retreat with Daniel Mirante (Melbourne)

Festival Live Painting & Exhibiting at: Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency Festival, Seven Sisters Festival, Yemaya Festival.

Exhibitions at Lentil As Anything, Thornbury (April) and Darebin Arts Centre (May)




January 23-26th   –   Guest Panelist, Featured Artist & Live Painting

Evolve Gallery, Rainbow Serpent Festival

February 1st   –    Teaching, Visionary Art Atelier

February 7-8th   –    Entheo-Art Speaker & Exhibition Curator

Somara: Shamanic Medicine Forum, Byron Bay

February 8th    -    Group Show with Leo Plaw, Mark Lee, Adam Scott Miller & Damon Soule

“Harmonic Temple”, Visionary Music & Art, Byron Bay


February 10th   –    Solo Exhibition


Lift Gallery, Malaney, Queensland

February 13- 16th   –    Visionary Art Exhibitor, Earth Frequency Festival

Brisbane, Queensland


March 27-29th  -  Installation

Seven Sisters Festival, Victoria

10917058_1571527079760310_2568900943704647742_nApril 5th   –  Art Gallery Curator

Four Colours Festival, La Di Da, Melbourne

April 11th & 12th  -    Art Intensive Weekend  with International Guest LEO PLAW, Visionary Art Atelier

MAY 1st – Conscious Living Festival, Melbourne Sgowgrounds

JUNE – Guest Teacher, Old Masters New Visions, Mischtechnik Seminar, Payerbach, Austria


July 10th – 12th Visionary Exhbition @ Breaking Conventions, International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, Londonkat poster breaking conventions