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Katia had always been a mystic, but could barely draw a stick figure until she was 33! Trance-prayer was a normal part of her childhood raised with Irish Fae family working for the local Catholic monastery.

By 14, she read tarot and soon joined covens, mystery schools and spiritualist union. Ever since, she has gypsied across Europe and Asia doing social work, teaching and tarot to afford her residential seminars in Spiritualism,  Alchemy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Chaos Magick, Animist Hinduism and Ayahuasca Shamanism.

At 33, Katia was disabled in a traumatic accident and prescribed art therapy to restore neural pathways.  She supplemented this with Ayahuasca shamanism and art became her way of recording each phase of the journey she was having as she healed. 

“The journey of art began as meditation and re-integration for a wounded mind and body….  but I soon fell in love the disciplines of devotional painting.”

Painting helped her relax and focus. At first, she illustrated deities for altar pieces, then, discovered the power of symbols and colour as visual prayers. Entering a light trance, she often channels or scries to explore, observe and navigate altered states of reality.

Nearly dying is a strange gift… it showed me how precious each breath of life is. I’m devoting this second chance to charting transcendental states with beauty, because bhakti yoga is a great way to spend my days.

Ultimately, I hope my art will invite others to explore their own relationship to Divinity.”


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